A downloadable game for Windows

Meet R4M-BL3R, a small exploration robot that wanders the world aimlessly in search of some kind of directive. One day, after recharging its solar batteries in the forest, R4M gets a faint signal that tells it to "Get Emone!". 

Finally, R4M has a directive! Excited, the little robot sets out, blissfully unaware of the danger it's about to get involved in or what this "emone" stuff even is.

"Emone? What's that? Must be important, whatever it is!" R4M thinks to itself. Low-Priority models (like R4M) aren't loaded with information about the Old World, but a boring history lesson is the least of R4M's concerns. Now's not the time to ask; Now's the time to act! Go forth, little Robot! Complete your new directive with gusto!

This game was heavily inspired by games like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. It's a rather short game that can be completed in under an hour, or around an hour-ish if you're going for 100% completion. A controller is highly recommended, but not required. You get a few extra commands on a controller, but these don't affect game-play in any significant way.

There is only 1 World at the moment. This game will be updated in the future as more levels/worlds/features are made.

Have Fun!

Install instructions

Unzip, and play!


Robot Rambler V1.zip 300 MB